Maxbounty Reviews: Offers, Payout, Earnings, Tips, Legit or Scam

Maxbounty Reviews: Offers, Payout, Earnings, Tips, Legit or Scam

MaxBounty presents themselves as a “performance-based affiliate network that specializes in maximizing the ROI of both affiliates and advertisers”. They offer cost per action networking and marketing where you can make money both as an affiliate and as a marketer. 

Let’s break down MaxBounty and its services, profit potential, and whether or not MaxBounty is a legitimate service. 

MaxBounty – What is The Purpose of Their Services?

MaxBounty promises to help you obtain affiliate offers to promote products with your online visibility in order to make income. They promise to provide opportunities for advertisers to grow their business, and for marketers to make easy money by promoting these offers, usually working for a set rate. 

By creating this bridge between both types of activity, MaxBounty’s goal is to make affiliate marketing more easily accessible for marketers and more profitable for affiliates. Affiliates will sign on to promote products on the basis of cost per action (CPA) or cost per sale (CPS) gigs where they will post links in return for getting paid per action or per sale made through their affiliate links.

What Services Does MaxBounty Offer?

MaxBounty advertises itself as an accessible service for anyone from individual freelancers to large corporations. Some of the individual services that MaxBounty offers is that they use proprietary software to analyze your marketing campaigns, a vetting process for affiliates, traffic composed of appropriate buyers, and account managers that are dedicated to seeing the success of your account. 

This program is cloud-based and can help assist you with generating administrative reports regarding your affiliate marketing costs and success rates so that you can easily track your marketing expenses within the program. As well, MaxBounty allows you to view your potential affiliate’s information and the total number of clicks that they get per month. This service will allow you as an advertiser to decide if choosing this affiliate will be worth your time and money.

How Much Can You Earn From MaxBounty? 

How much you may be able to make may be at the forefront of your mind when deciding on whether or not to use MaxBounty for your affiliate marketing, so let’s compare the earning breakdown for MaxBounty. 

MaxBounty offers the potential for huge gains through its services, with affiliate marketing campaigns ranging widely for CPA and CPS gigs. There is huge earning potential from MaxBounty gigs if you have enough visibility online. When searching for examples of big money-makers, you will find Youtubers who rant and rave about the service and how much they have been able to earn per month from CPA and CPS affiliate marketing through MaxBounty. 

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How Much Does MaxBounty Cost? 

Unfortunately, on the side of the advertisers, MaxBounty is nothing if not secretive about how much their service actually costs. If you are considering MaxBounty as an option, you will need to create an account with MaxBounty in order to have this question answered for you. If you value transparency, you may find this frustrating, like we do as well. 

So, What Are the Reviews of MaxBounty Like?

When looking at reviews of MaxBounty, you can unfortunately notice quite a large difference between the reviews from website to website. Some review sites are inundated with negative reviews, while others are scarily positive.

Here is a breakdown of MaxBounty reviews on popular software reviewing websites:

Rating WebsiteMaxBounty

According to reviewers, MaxBounty is either the best product that people have ever come across for CPA or CPS affiliate marketing, or it is the biggest scam that they have ever come across. Let’s break down the reviews more clearly to see what all of the fuss is about. 

The Top Five Things People Love About MaxBounty

  1. People loved how friendly the account managers were. 

This was commonly discussed among the positive reviews as a huge selling point for MaxBounty. Reviewers that left positive feedback reported that account managers would help them find affiliates that matched their products and acted as an intermediary between themselves and affiliates that they could partner with. 

    2. People raved about how great the CPA offers are for affiliates. 

From the positive reviews, it seems that those who are making money off of MaxBounty are very satisfied with the amount of offers available to them to take advantage of. It appears that there is no shortage of CPA and CPS affiliate opportunities for prospective affiliates on MaxBounty. 

   3. The website design was a huge winner among affiliates and advertisers.

The user-interface of MaxBounty is a popular aspect of MaxBounty’s services. People love the lack of white space on this website, instead it focuses on showing you all of the available offers by maximizing how many offers can appear per page. 

    4. Just how much money you can make from MaxBounty. 

Positive reviewers of MaxBounty love to openly share just how much they make from the service which is a great sign of happy users. Some MaxBounty reviewers claim that they make six figures a year just from MaxBounty affiliate marketing alone which is a phenomenal addition to their annual revenue.. 

    5. The customer support is phenomenal. 

People who reviewed MaxBounty well also mentioned that their customer support was excellent and attentive as well as extremely helpful. These reviews claim that customer support solves problems in real time and helps advertisers to focus on making money rather than dealing with troubleshooting. 

The Top Five Things People Hate About MaxBounty

  1. People hate that MaxBounty deletes their accounts without warning.

This is the most common complaint from MaxBounty negative reviewers. There are many reviewers who have had their accounts terminated for fraud with earned money in their accounts who had accounts deleted without warning or an appeal process. However, it is possible that these accounts were conducting their CPA and CPS affiliate activities fraudulently.

    2. People hate that they lose money from MaxBounty.

Combined with the woes of account deletion without warning are the complaints about lost income from affiliate marketing due to account deletion. 

    3. The account managers are not helpful.

Some of the reviews specifically outline concerns with account managers. From non-responsive account managers to account managers who delete accounts for asking a question, the account managers at MaxBounty seem to be hit or miss. The negative reviews make it clear that having a poor quality account manager can destroy your experience with MaxBounty. 

    4. Customer support is essentially nonexistent. 

As a great deal of negative reviews touch on the subject of account deletion without warning, they also mention that customer support is non-responsive to their requests for reinstatement of their account. With no warning and no course for appeal, MaxBounty customer support seems to be losing quite a few points with reviewers. 

   5. Applications are not reviewed in a timely fashion. 

While MaxBounty promises to quickly review applications to become an affiliate marketer, it seems like this may not be the case. As well, although their application is quite lengthy, it seems that one of the many reasons why accounts may be deleted without warning is for improper identity verification which takes place after an application has already been approved?

So is MaxBounty a Good Pick for Affiliate Marketing? 

Choosing a CPA or CPS affiliate marketing tool for your business, product, or services should be an easier decision now after this in-depth analysis of MaxBounty. While MaxBounty seems to be a popular option as a marketplace for CPA and CPS affiliate marketing, it also has a significant amount of somewhat less than satisfactory reviews. But there are also many positive reviews and legitimate success stories, which should be more than reassuring. The amount of users, and the overall popularity of the network should also be a factor of reassurance, and help you decide to choose MaxBounty to work as an affiliate marketer.

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