22 Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales Overnight

When considering how to increase your sales, you might be falling into a common trap. Information overload can be so overwhelming and clicking from article to article can be unproductive and leave you more confused about how to increase your sales overnight than ever before. In order to help give you clarity, we have put together a comprehensive list of digital marketing strategies.

In this article, we will go over 22 strategies that will help you avoid getting a headache and start making sales online through marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the whole of your strategy toward marketing on the internet. This is a broad term that includes both marketing through websites and web browsers as well as marketing through social media websites and apps.

Another way of defining digital marketing is the total of your efforts to market your products through digital means rather than physical means of marketing.

Now that we’ve discussed just how broad digital marketing can be, let’s jump into our strategies for marketing success.

Strategies for Digital Marketing to Improve Sales Overnight

1. SEO keyword usage

Our number one strategy is to use search engine optimization to improve your online visibility. SEO keyword usage can absolutely make or break your online marketing strategy, and this is the number one way that you should be trying to improve your web and social media traffic.

2. Decide what your goals are.

Knowing what your sales goals are is imperative to reaching those goals, or even exceeding them. Providing yourself and your business with a direction is a helpful tool to motivate you to make the changes that you will need to make in order to increase your sales overnight.

3. Consider making changes to your website.

If your ecommerce marketing strategies are not working at the moment, you might want to consider making changes to your website. There may be things that are not clicking with your user. Improve user experience by optimizing your website for ease of use and getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

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4. Run paid advertisements on social media.

An instant way to increase your online visibility for digital marketing is to run paid advertisements. Targeting your target audience while they are scrolling on social media can be a useful, but costly way of accessing potential customers. However, the payoff for visibility online is sure to be good.

5. Offer samples or free trials.

People love free things! Tossing in a freebie can convince prospective customers that they are getting more from your product than they actually are. Try to pick something low cost but still appealing. Stickers, key chains, or other free swag are great ways to appeal to your customers.

6. Develop your social media accounts.

Putting more effort into your social media accounts is an excellent way to up your conversions in sales. Ecommerce marketing includes social media, and this is one of the most important of the digital marketing strategies on this list. Having inactive or subpar social media presence can be leading to lower sales.

7. Invest more into marketing.

It may be that you need more help or more expertise to make your digital marketing strategies take effect. This may be something that you need to outsource or find more room in your budget for. There is nothing to be ashamed of if this is the thing that will be the difference maker and will increase your sales.

8. Ask your customers for feedback.

Interacting with your customers is key to creating a long-standing relationship between them and your brand, but did you know that your customers can be more helpful to you than just purchasing your products. Customer feedback can help illuminate issues in your digital marketing strategies and help you to avoid costly pitfalls that might be negatively affecting your brand.

9. A coupon is never a bad idea.

People love a good discount! You can even offer coupons that focus on applying a discount to a certain amount of goods in order to increase the number of sales that you make within one use of the coupon. For example, a 15% off discount will apply for orders over $50. You may also consider offering free shipping over a certain order volume in the same vein.

10. Start an email list.

Email lists can be a wonderful way to access your customer base without having to get them to come to you each time. Instead, you can send them emails which will allow you to remind them of your sales offers or products. Email marketing is an extremely important part of digital marketing strategies.

11. Better yet, start a newsletter.

Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers feeling involved! Product updates and sneak peeks at upcoming releases are a good incentive for people to sign up for your monthly or weekly newsletter. This ecommerce marketing strategy is a tried-and-true way to increase sales.

12. Do market research.

Consider going back to the drawing board and redoing your market research! Understanding who is your target market is crucial to understanding how to market to your target audience. It may be time to reinvest into some market research to see if the people you are marketing to even want or need your products.

13. Reconsider your target audience.

This goes with our point above. Don’t be afraid to make a pivot. If you find that your target audience is not interested in your products, it may be because your target audience is incorrect. Make the changes and seek out your true customer base.

14. Be honest with your customers.

People can tell when you are lying to them and giving seedy sales pitches is not the way to increase sales overnight. Promoting trust between your viewers and your brand is essential to making sales online.

15. Create urgency with timers.

Have you ever seen timers on sales on websites? These are actually a digital marketing strategy! Timers or countdowns create a false sense of urgency and most of them are targeted simply at converting sales. You might consider running a sale that is associated with a countdown to put the pressure on your customers to buy what is in their cart as soon as possible.

16. Consider shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment may be the aspect of your ecommerce strategy that is resulting in sales not being confirmed. This is when you have customers that add things to their cart but then decide against purchasing. Consider why this might be on your particular website and you might be able to increase sales this way.

17. Increase the amount of ways that people can pay.

One important shopping cart abandonment factor is this issue. Have you ever tried to purchase something, and the only option was Paypal? This is a common annoyance when checking out, not necessarily with Paypal, but with singular checkout methods. Operating where you need to create an account in order to purchase a product can be extremely frustrating.

18. Start a free giveaway!

Like we mentioned in marketing strategy number five, people love free things. Offer a free giveaway in return for an actionable item by your customers. Entries could be based on social media follows or signing up for emails. Trading a free giveaway for participation in your brand is a net positive for your business.

19. Consider a pop-up offer on your website.

Many people hate pop ups, but they will forgive them if they offer free discount codes. Consider offering a pop-up offer on your website for new customers when they make their first order. Alternatively, you could use this as an opportunity to snag their email from them and add them to a newsletter in return for the discount code. Free shipping is also another great option for a pop-up offer!

20. Interact with your customers on social media.

People love brands that see them too. If you are receiving comments on your social media accounts, be sure to reply to them. This will establish rapport between yourself and your followers which will undoubtedly lead to more conversion and increased sales. Aspire to create a relationship between you and your customer base.

21. Use your analytics to your advantage.

Your social media accounts and your website provider should be supplying you with analytics that will tell you more about your audience and customer base. Analyze these analytics to use them to your advantage. You may need to change your strategies depending on who is viewing your products, when they are viewing them, and where they are from!

22. Provide a chat option on your website.

Live chat is an incredibly helpful option to add to your website so that your customers who have questions have a way to ask them in the moment. This prevents people from not purchasing in the moment if they have something that they need to ask. Instead of having to take the time to email customer support, having access to the answer at the touch of a button will help increase sales.

Ashley Keller

Ashley Keller, a marketing reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle and MarketingCrow covers advertising and affiliation: how ad networks and affiliate networks operate, and how to use them to optimize ad campaigns and efficient branding. Her stories shed light on the functioning of the industry in all its subtleties. As a reporter at The Chronicle since 2014, she has also covered the worse crisis, the dot-com rise and fall, and the many ways one can improve as marketers.

Ashley Keller

Ashley Keller, a marketing reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle and MarketingCrow covers advertising and affiliation: how ad networks and affiliate networks operate, and how to use them to optimize ad campaigns and efficient branding. Her stories shed light on the functioning of the industry in all its subtleties. As a reporter at The Chronicle since 2014, she has also covered the worse crisis, the dot-com rise and fall, and the many ways one can improve as marketers.

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